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Ensure Optimal Performance: 10 Essential Laser Cutter Environment Requirements

Are you planning to invest in a laser cutting machine? If so, it’s important to understand the specific environment conditions and requirements that are necessary for optimal performance.

From power supply specifications to ventilation requirements and fire safety measures, there are several factors to consider before making your purchase.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the top 10 environment conditions and requirements you need to know before investing in a laser cutting machine.

So, whether you’re a seasoned metalworker or just starting out, read on to learn how to choose the right machine for your needs and ensure its longevity and efficiency.

environment conditions

Power supply specifications: The laser cutting machine requires a three-phase five-wire system with 380V and 50Hz power supply. The total load of the host power should not exceed 15KVA, while the laser and chiller require 5KVA of power, with a 500W laser.

Power quality: The power supply should have a three-phase imbalance of less than 2.5%, and line voltage fluctuations should not exceed 5%.

Grounding protection: A ground pile must be installed at the side of the laser cutting machine and connected to the ground wire. Additionally, the laser cutting machine should be connected to the power supply ground wire, with a grounding resistance of less than 4Ω.

Ventilation requirements: The site environment must have good ventilation conditions, with no dust, corrosion, or pollution.

Foundation installation: The foundation installation should not be exposed to large vibrations, and a shock-proof ditch should be excavated.

Temperature requirements: The laser must be installed in an ambient temperature of 20ºC. Refer to the instruction manual for further details on using the laser.

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Chiller specifications: The chiller is a special equipment used to provide cooling and circulating water to the lasers and QBH cutting head lenses. High-quality pure water or distilled water should be used for the cooling circulating water.

Fire safety: Appropriate fire extinguishers should be available on the processing site, and fire extinguishing channels must be set aside to prevent fire.

Machine placement: The left and rear sides of the machine should have a distance of 1.2M or more. The rear side of the laser should have a distance of 1.5M or more. The chiller and air compressor can be placed outdoors, but the laser should be placed within 4M.

Electromagnetic interference: The control unit, servo unit, display, and control panel are the core parts of the laser cutting machine and require certain environmental conditions. Interference from electromagnetic waves caused by processes such as arc welding and EDM should be avoided to prevent machine malfunction.

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