Things About Servo Press You Should Know

1. Introduction to servo press

The servo press takes the servo motor as the direct power source, and converts the driving force generated by the motor into the linear motion of the slider through the ways of screw, crank connecting rod and elbow rod.

Using the programmable control characteristics of servo motor, the motion form of sliding block is perfectly controlled to meet the needs of diverse and intelligent stamping processing.

It has the advantages of controllable slider speed, easy manufacture of difficult to form materials, energy saving and environmental protection, multi-purpose one machine and intelligence.

It is currently recognized as the third generation punch and the mainstream trend of the development of the stamping industry.

Introduction to servo press

Elbow bar servo structure of Japanese K Society   Crankshaft direct drive servo structure of Japan a society

2. Application of servo press

Servo punch is mainly applicable to production lines such as drawing, blanking, bending, cold forging and embossing, as well as die test punch.

Due to PLC control, digital technology and feedback control method are used to achieve advanced precision control:

It can control the position of the sliding block of the press.

Application of servo press

Through the monitoring system and compensation control, the position of the sliding block can be repeatedly controlled with an accuracy of ± 0.01mm;

Because the motion mode can be edited by program, it can control the speed and trajectory of the slider, greatly reduce the speed of the stamping, reduce the stamping noise and vibration, improve the stamping working environment and prolong the service life of the die;

At the same time, the output force of the slider can be controlled, and the control accuracy can reach ± 1.6% of the maximum output force of the slider.

Thus, it is possible to form large panels using high-strength steel plate and aluminum alloy plate in automobile manufacturing;

Difficult to form materials, such as magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy and titanium alloy, cooperate with die design and peripheral system control to make new materials easy to form.

Toggle type servo structure

Toggle type servo structure

Crankshaft direct drive servo structure

Crankshaft direct drive servo structure

3. Advantages and characteristics of servo press

Advantages and characteristics of servo press

1. Improve production efficiency.

The stroke length can be set to the minimum value necessary for production, and the forming speed suitable for the processing content can be maintained.

1) Full stroke mode → bottom dead center precision can reach ± 0.02mm.

Full stroke mode

2) Half stroke mode (pendulum mode) → bottom dead center accuracy can reach ± 0.02mm, improving SPM.

Half stroke mode

3) Reverse mode → lower dead center accuracy up to ± 001mm.

Reverse mode

2. The product quality is high.

Through the closed-loop feedback control, the accuracy of the bottom dead center is always guaranteed, the burr of the product is restrained, and the generation of defective products is prevented.

Servo unique auto die height correction function:

The position change of the sliding block can be measured and corrected (± 0.01mm of the preset value) according to the linear grating scale in each stroke to maintain a very high bottom dead center accuracy.

Linear grating ruler position ↓

Linear grating ruler position

Servo bottom dead center automatic correction function → long-time production can also ensure the accuracy of bottom dead center ± 0.01mm and ensure the yield of products ↓↓

Servo bottom dead center automatic correction function

3. Low noise and long die life.

Through the low noise mode (i.e. reducing the contact speed between the slider and the sheet metal), the noise is greatly reduced compared with the general mechanical press.

Moreover, the vibration of the die is small and the service life is improved.

Low noise and long die life

4. Controllability of slider movement.

Users can use this feature to compile a slider movement mode suitable for processing technology, effectively improve the accuracy and stability of products, provide die life and productivity, realize silent blanking, and even expand the processing range (such as stamping of magnesium alloy), which is suitable for blanking, stretching, embossing, bending and other processes, as well as the performance curves of different materials.

If the sliding block can be stopped to maintain pressure, the purpose is to improve the forming quality of the workpiece.

Controllability of slider movement

5. Energy saving and environmental protection.

The flywheel, clutch and other energy-consuming elements of the traditional mechanical press are eliminated, the driving parts are reduced, and the mechanical transmission structure is simplified;

Less lubricating oil and controllable stroke;

Due to less motor consumption, the operation cost is also greatly reduced.

4. Summary

Servo punch is a revolutionary mainstream trend product in the stamping industry in the future.

Once popularized in the future, it will greatly provide the overall competitiveness of stamping enterprises and bring a series of positive effects on the development of various stamping industries.

However, at present, the core technology of servo punch has not been really mastered by most stamping equipment manufacturing enterprises, resulting in the problems of high price and low stability of servo punch.

Coupled with the current slowdown in economic development and the general reduction in the benefits of the automobile-based manufacturing industry, stamping enterprises with low added value of general processing products are unlikely to buy expensive Servo Presses (the payback period is too long).

However, with the gradual recovery of the economy in the future, the potential market demand for servo presses is very huge.

I believe that in the next 5-10 years, the leading stamping equipment manufacturing enterprises will gradually develop a series of servo presses with good stability and high-cost performance, and work with stamping-related enterprises to improve the overall competitiveness!

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