Automatic Assembly Line

Automatic assembly line overview

Automatic Assembly Line

Automated assembly line robot configuration algorithm that solves the problem of assembly line robot configuration in an unknown cycle with a fixed number of stations.

Establish a division of labor rule and apply it to the assembly line to maximize the effectiveness of the robot and reduce the product production cycle.

Provides a working computer-assisted flexible assembly line robot configuration system.

How automatic assembly lines work

According to the characteristics of the product, the entire assembly line adopts the scheme of direct asynchronous conveying and direct positioning of the bottom plate.

According to the content of the operation and the production cycle, the production process is combined with tree structure, series structure and parallel structure.

In view of the characteristics of multi-station expansion and phased implementation, the upper-level control and unit control secondary computer distributed control method, plus the unit control operation panel and the detection fault warning system, make the whole control system more perfect.

The mechanical, control, pneumatic and other systems of the entire assembly line adopt modular building structure, which reflects the modular and serial design ideas.

The automated production assembly line consists of process system equipment such as distribution, assembly, inspection, aging, and packaging.

Each system equipment can be combined with flexible working equipment such as differential speed line, chain plate line, accumulation type raceway line, speed increasing belt line, air conveying line, various intelligent special planes and equipped with distributed programmer (PLC).

It can help achieve efficient production automation.

Automatic assembly line application

Widely used in home appliances, food, plastics, hardware, electronics, motorcycles, automobiles industries.

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