Automatic Lathe

The automatic lathe is a high-performance, high-precision, low-noise automatic lathe, which is an automatic machining machine that controls the machining program through a cam.

Automatic Lathe Machine

In addition, there are some CNC automatic lathes and pneumatic automatic lathes as well as core-type automatic lathes.

The basic core is that it can automatically process the same product for a long time after a certain setting and training.

Suitable for the processing and manufacturing of precision parts such as copper, aluminum, iron and plastic.

Suitable for instruments, watches, clocks, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, glasses, stationery, hardware and bathroom, electronic parts, connectors, computers, mobile phones, electromechanical, military industries to process small parts in batches, especially for more complex parts.


The machine tool has automatic processing, fast processing speed, complicated processing of parts in one time, accurate and reliable processing, automatic feeding, automatic shutdown of material, and high production efficiency.


Precision Type

Precision automatic lathe can be divided into material moving type and blade moving type.

  • The material move processing process: the workpiece is clamped by the clamp, the material moves forward, and the tool does not move, and the part is processed by the linear motion or the rocking motion of the cutter.
  • The cutting process: the workpiece is clamped by a simple clamp, and the workpiece is machined by moving the front and rear of the turning tool.
  • The knife-type cam automatic lathe is equipped with 5 knives.

The tool holder is in the order of No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, No. 4, No. 5 knife.

Each set of tool holders can hold 1-2 knives.

No. 1 and No. 5 are turning outer diameters, and 2, 3, and 4 are mainly used for grooving, chamfering, cutting, etc.

Two tail shafts, two drills, one tap and one die are simultaneously cut, and simultaneous tapping, milling, die, embossing, etc. can be performed.

No need for manual operation, complex parts can simultaneously carry out the outer circle, spherical surface, conical surface, arc surface, step, slotting, embossing, drilling, tapping, die, cutting processes.

The whole process can be completed in one process.

High dimensional control accuracy: machine tool spindle accuracy of up to 0.003mm. Slider fine-tuning is controlled by a micrometer, size control accuracy of up to 0.005mm, spindle speed of 2000-8000RPM.

The cutting knife-feeding amount can be controlled to a minimum of 0.005.

The roughness of the part (copper) can be as small as Ra0.04-0.08.

Automatic feeding: The feeding mechanism automatically feeds the spindle, and the automatic parking alarm is completed. The processing process does not require manual inspection, and the fully automated manufacturing process is achieved.

The operator can operate multiple machines at the same time.

High production efficiency: the machine through the cam control processing process.

A machining process is completed every revolution of the cam.

The cam speed is 1.0-36 rpm, which can be adjusted according to different machining parts. It can process about 30 parts per minute.

Since the five knives can be cut at the same time, the machining efficiency is very high, which is unmatched by general CNC computer lathes and instrument lathes.

Feeding automation and automatic cutting of cutting tools are controlled by cams.

Cam type automatic lathe uses two types of cams:

One of them is a cylindrical shape.

After the end faces are processed into various forms, the cam is rotated, and the rotation of the cam is changed into a linear motion of the tool holder by connecting the transmission link and the rocker arm.

This cam is called a bowl cam and is mainly used for cutting the axial cutting direction of the workpiece.

The other is a circular plate shape.

The outer circumference is machined into the desired shape, and then the rotary motion of the cam is changed into a linear motion of the cutter through a transmission rod connected to the tool holder.

This cam is mainly used for the radial cutting direction of the workpiece.

By combining the left and right and front and back movements of the two cams, the tool can be tilted or curved.

Long axis automatic lathe

The long-axis automatic lathe is based on the traditional knife-type automatic lathe, which is simplified and modified. The tapping part is removed and the material part is extended. It is suitable for simple long-axis products without tapping.

The product length has been extended from the traditional 60MM to 400MM.

Due to the streamlining of some functions, the overall cost will be reduced.

Therefore, it can provide great convenience for customers who have long-term simple long-axis products.

Simple Style

The simple stype automatic lathe is based on the traditional knife-type automatic lathe, which has been streamlined and removed with a knife and a tapping part. It is suitable for making simple products that do not require tapping.

Due to the streamlining of some functions, the overall cost will be reduced.

Therefore, it can provide a more reasonable solution for customers who have long-term simple products.

Programmable air pressure type

The program-controlled pneumatic automatic lathe is a pneumatic automatic lathe instead of the ordinary cam-type automatic lathe. Because its control part is programmed, it is called a program-controlled pneumatic automatic lathe.

The program-controlled pneumatic automatic lathe is equipped with four to six independent tool holders, each of which can hold multiple props.

The advance and retreat of the guide rail adopts the cylinder to advance and retreat, and the special damper cylinder is used for steady speed control.

Perfect for fast forward, fast reverse and slow (steady speed) switching.

All tool holders come in a variety of operating modes and combinations.

Most of the turning operations can be done in one work cycle.

This kind of machine tool is suitable for customers who have multiple varieties, multiple specifications, medium and large batches and have certain precision requirements.

It can turn all ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and various engineering plastics.

The machine has four feeding modes, namely, bar mode, material mode, manual feeding mode, and post material feeding mode.

All control of the machine tool is realized by microcomputer programming.

Various operation modes and various operating parameters are selected by using the operation panel knob mode or the button setting mode.

The control system has self-diagnostics and a comprehensive alarm function.

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