Automatic Machine Tool

The automatic lathe is a high-performance, high-precision, low-noise automatic lathe, which is an automatic machining machine that controls the machining program through a cam.

Automatic Lathe

There are also some CNC automatic lathes and pneumatic automatic lathes as well as self-propelled automatic lathes.

The basic core is that it can automatically process the same product for a long time after a certain setting and training.

Automatic machine tools are designed to improve labor productivity and product quality while improving working conditions.

In the production process of large-volume parts such as automobile tractors and household appliances, combined machine tools, cam-controlled multi-tool multi-station machine tools and dedicated automatic production lines are widely used.

Such equipment has a large initial investment cost, a long production preparation cycle, and is difficult to modify.

If a profiling machine is used, it is also necessary to manufacture a master, which takes a long time to produce and the accuracy is also affected.

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