Automatic Machine Tool

The automatic lathe is a high-performance, high-precision, and low-noise machine used for automatic machining. It operates by controlling the machining program through a cam.

Automatic Lathe

There are various types of automatic lathes available, including CNC automatic lathes, pneumatic automatic lathes, and self-propelled automatic lathes.

The fundamental feature of automatic lathes is that they can process the same product automatically for an extended period after proper setting and training.

Automatic machine tools are designed to enhance labor productivity and product quality, while also improving working conditions.

In the production of high-volume parts such as automobiles, tractors, and household appliances, combined machine tools, cam-controlled multi-tool multi-station machine tools, and dedicated automatic production lines are commonly employed.

However, such equipment involves a significant initial investment cost, a prolonged production preparation cycle, and is challenging to modify.

Additionally, if a profiling machine is utilized, it is essential to manufacture a master, which takes considerable time to produce, and the accuracy can also be affected.

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