Bending Sequence Tips for Press Brake Operators

Bending Sequence Tips for Press Brake Operators

Once the necessary tools have been identified, operators must define the correct bending sequence for obtaining their product. This is essential, as a mistake in the bending sequence may prevent…
Sheet Metal Bending Force Calculation Air Bending, Coining

Bending Force Calculation: Air Bending, Coining

Have you ever wondered how to accurately calculate the bending force required for sheet metal fabrication? In this insightful blog post, we'll explore the intricacies of bending force calculation, drawing…

Mystery of Gears: Why 17 is the Magic Number

Gears are a common type of spare part used in various industries, including aviation, shipping, and automobiles. When designing and producing gears, there is a requirement for the number of…
4 Effective Hemming & Bending Solution You Should Know

4 Types of Hemming Bending Process

Hemming (flattening) bending is a frequent bending operation method that typically involves bending the edge of a workpiece into either parallel edges or rounded edges, as illustrated in Figure 1.…

Mark-Free Sheet Metal Bending: Tips and Solutions

Bending dies are the primary processing equipment used in sheet metal forming. With the growth of industries such as engineering machinery, automobiles, ships, aerospace, electrical instrumentation, and building decoration, processing…

6 Types of Press Brake Bending Process

Press brakes are capable of accomplishing a lot, but there are still challenges involved in producing top-quality parts. In this discussion, we will explore the different types of bending. To…

Decoding Stainless Steel Grade 022Cr19Ni10

1.022Cr19Ni10 Digital Meaning The stainless steel grade 022Cr19Ni10 represents the following: 1. The number 022 in 022Cr19Ni10 indicates that the carbon element content is less than or equal to 0.03%.…
Hydraulic Press Brake Fabrication Fundamentals

Press Brake Bending Basics: A Complete Guide

Have you ever wondered how a simple sheet of metal transforms into a complex, three-dimensional object? Press brake bending, a crucial process in metal fabrication, holds the key to this…

Press Brake Parts and Functions Explained

Have you ever wondered how a press brake shapes metal with such precision? This article unveils the fascinating parts and functions of a press brake, showing you its essential role…
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