Booster Manipulator

Booster manipulators, also known as robots, balance cranes, balance boosters, manual transfer machines (the above is not professional but popular in China).

Booster Manipulator

It is a novel power-assisting device for material handling and labor-saving operation.

It subtly applies the balance principle of force, so that the operator can push and pull the weights accordingly, and the mobile positioning can be balanced in the space.

The heavy object forms a floating state when it is raised or lowered, and the zero operating force is ensured by the gas path (the actual situation is controlled by the processing technology and design cost, and the operating force is less than 3 kg as a criterion). The operating force is affected by the weight of the workpiece.

No need for skilled jog operation, the operator can push and pull the weight by hand, and the weight can be placed correctly in any position in the space.

Mainly include:

1) Orbital walking system;

2) Robotic host;

3) The clamp part;

4) The execution part;

5) Pneumatic control system.

System security

1) Equipped with a load display to indicate load status, and to inform the operator: whether the material can be lifted at this time or unloaded.

The display is red when the system is under load.

2) Equipped with a load pressure gauge to indicate the working condition of the compressed air.

3) Equipped with a safety misoperation protection device to prevent injury to people or equipment caused by malfunctions;

Before the operator confirms the installation condition, that is, before the workpiece is not installed, if the worker mistakenly operates the release button, the workpiece cannot be unloaded (limited to the power clamp).

4) The system is equipped with a gas loss protection device.

When the main air supply source is unexpectedly shut off, the main arm cannot move, and the robot stops working to avoid accidental injury.

5) Equipment supporting safety control system.

During operation, the system will not suddenly change the load or no-load pressure due to malfunction, so the robot will not cause rapid rise or fall and cause damage to people, equipment and products.

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