Boring Machine Explained

A machine tool that uses a boring tool to boring a prefabricated hole in a workpiece.

Boring Machine

Usually, the boring cutter is rotated for the main motion, and the movement of the boring cutter or workpiece is the feed motion.

It is mainly used for the machining of high-precision holes or finishing of multiple holes in one position. In addition, it can also be used for the processing of other machined surfaces related to hole finishing.

With different tools and accessories, the machining accuracy and surface quality of drilling, milling and cutting are higher than for drilling machines.

The boring machine is the main equipment for the processing of large box parts. Threads and machining of outer and end faces.

Types of boring machine

The boring machine is divided into the horizontal boring machine, floor boring and milling machine, diamond boring machine and coordinate boring machine.

① Horizontal boring machine

One of the most widely used and most versatile boring machines for single-piece small batch production and repair shops.

② Floor boring machine and floor boring and milling machine

It is characterized by the fact that the workpiece is fixed on the landing platform and is suitable for processing workpieces with large size and weight for heavy machinery manufacturers.

③ Diamond boring machine

Using diamond or carbide tools, boring holes with high precision and low surface roughness with low feed rate and high cutting speed and are mainly used in mass production.

④ Coordinate boring machine

With precise coordinate positioning device, it is suitable for processing holes with high requirements on shape, size and pitch accuracy.

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It can also be used for scribing, coordinate measurement and calibration, etc., for tool workshops and small and medium batch production.

Other types of boring machine include vertical turret boring and milling machines, deep hole boring machines and boring machines for automobiles and tractor repairs.

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