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Press Brake Tools: To Polish or Not to Polish?

In fact, when I first entered this industry, I initially understood the term “grinding” to refer solely to sharpening the blade to enhance its ability to cut through iron plates. I was unaware that press brake tools also needed to be ground.

After seeking clarification from experienced individuals in the field, I learned that the blade typically experiences wear and tear from continuous use. This wear often leads to scratches on the lower dies, causing increasingly severe damage over time.

This highlights the significance of grinding press brake punches.

Can The Press Brake Tools Be Polished

How to effectively reduce the wear of bending die in use?

The wear of a press brake blade is almost unavoidable due to the constant bending pressure it experiences over time.

However, while wear cannot be completely eliminated, it can be minimized through proper use and maintenance of the press brake machine die.

For instance, ensuring proper mold installation, standardizing mold use, and distributing bending pressure evenly during multi-piece processing can effectively decrease wear on the die.

When the blade needs to be polished?

First of all, the revised version of your content is as follows:

The first step in determining if the bent workpiece is normal is to assess the angle of the bend. If there is a large deviation in the angle, this may indicate a problem with the press brake die.

Additionally, if the surface of the workpiece appears rough and has obvious traces, it may be a sign that the press brake die is frequently worn and needs to be polished.

To further determine if the press brake die needs to be polished, inspect the surface of the upper and lower molds for scratches.

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It is important to note that the press brake die should be polished regularly, but not too frequently as this can shorten the service life of the mold.

Can The Press Brake Tools Be Polished

Therefore, it is important to note that the repair and grinding of press brake tools is not simply to sharpen the blade, but rather to repair and maintain its functionality.

When using a press brake for production, it is crucial to regularly monitor the condition of both the machine and the bending die. This will ensure that the workpiece is bent accurately and with consistent quality.

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