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Can the Press Brake Tools Be Polished?

In fact, when I first entered this industry, I always understood the word grinding as sharpening the blade to better cut the iron plate.

And this is only the definition of the blade grinding of the plate shearing machine. I didn’t expect that the press brake tools should also be ground.

After asking senior people, I learned that the blade will be worn normally during continuous use, and this kind of wear often scratches the lower dies, resulting in more and more serious wear.

This also reflects the importance of press brake punches grinding.

Can The Press Brake Tools Be Polished

How to effectively reduce the wear of bending die in use?

The wear of press brake blade in use is almost inevitable, because the blade is bound to wear under the influence of bending pressure for a long time.

To paraphrase, errors are inevitable, but errors can be avoided.

It may not be accurate, but the correct use and maintenance of the press brake machine die can effectively reduce the wear of the die in use.

For example, proper installation of molds, standardized use of molds, and dispersion of bending pressure as much as possible in the process of multi workpiece processing are effective measures to reduce wear.

When the blade needs to be polished?

First of all, it depends on whether the bent workpiece is normal.

The frequently worn mold will make the surface of the workpiece rough and have obvious traces.

Compare the angle of the workpiece after bending to see if there is a large deviation in the angle.

Then directly observe whether there are scratches on the surface of the upper and lower molds.

If these conditions occur, the press brake die should be polished.

Note: the grinding time interval of press brake tools should not be too long, otherwise the service life of mold will be shortened.

Can The Press Brake Tools Be Polished

Therefore, the repair and grinding of press brake tools is not to sharpen the machete as I thought at the beginning, but more reflects the word repair.

Therefore, when using the press brake for production, you must pay attention to the state of the machine and bending die.

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