As a manufacturer of medical devices in its early years, CHIRON has come a long way – from a compressor manufacturer in the 1950s to a high-speed CNC machine tool manufacturer today. Throughout its history, CHIRON has consistently prioritized innovation and maintained a leading position in the industry.

One of CHIRON’s latest products is the Mill FX800, a five-axis high-speed vertical machining center. This machining center is a true five-axis, five-linkage system, making it particularly well-suited for the manufacturing of aerospace and automotive parts. Additionally, it has been successfully localized.

CHIRON company’s birthplace and hometown is Tuttlingen, located in the south of Baden Wurttemberg. This livable, modern city is a future-oriented and dynamic economic and cultural center, known worldwide as a hub for medical technology. In addition, mechanical manufacturing and metal processing also make important contributions to the region’s superior economic strength.

CHIRON originated in Tuttlingen, a city where technology is highly developed. Here, we design and manufacture high-quality CNC machine tools and turnkey solutions that exemplify the “made in Germany” standard.

As CHIRON continues to expand, we are increasing our global service outlets to better serve our growing customer base through local subsidiaries and branches.

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