CHIRON 1As a manufacturer of medical devices in his early years, from compressor manufacturer in 1950s to high-speed CNC machine tool manufacturer now, CHIRON has always insisted on innovation and maintained a leading position.

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Mill fx800 five axis high speed vertical machining center is a real five axis five linkage machining center, which is especially suitable for aerospace and auto parts manufacturing. It has been localized.

The birthplace and hometown of CHIRON company is thurlingen, which is in the south of Baden Wurttemberg.

This livable modern city is a future oriented and dynamic economic and cultural center.
Tuttlingen is the world’s famous medical technology center.

In addition, mechanical manufacturing and metal processing also made an important contribution to the superior economic strength of the region. Huge wave expands global distribution

CHIRON company originated in Tuttlingen, where technology is highly developed. Here we design and manufacture high-quality CNC machine tools and turnkey solutions, which better explains “made in Germany”.

CHIRON continues to expand its global service outlets and serves its growing customers through its local subsidiaries or branches.

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