Circular Sawing Machine

Circular saws can be categorized into two types based on the materials they are designed to cut: metal circular saws and woodworking circular saws.

Circular Sawing Machine

Circular saws can be classified into three types based on their feeding method: vertical, horizontal, and scissors.

According to the control method, circular saws can be manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic, and they can be equipped with special racks as needed.

Fully automatic circular sawing machines have a control interface based on an operating system developed with PLC-based HMI technology. Typically, they have a touch screen and an operation panel. The operator only needs to input parameters such as the material’s size and processing quantity, and the system will automatically adjust complex parameters such as the saw blade rotation speed and the feed amount per cutting (cutting speed) to make operation easier.

This type of circular saw is highly safe and generally operates in a fully enclosed state. If a fault occurs, the machine can be automatically stopped and alarmed, which prevents casualties and equipment loss. The processing efficiency is also very high.

The automatic circular sawing machine has high control precision, fast cutting speed, and automatic operation. It can be used by employees with only a short training period, and it is controlled by PLC without requiring CNC programming or other specialized expertise.

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