CMM Operating Procedures and Environment

CMM is a high-precision measuring instrument, the quality of its use has a lot to do with the users of the coordinate measuring machine, good CMM measuring personnel can make the measuring machine accuracy and extend the life of coordinate measuring machine.

The operator of the CMM must be professionally trained to master the performance of the equipment before they can be employed;

The use and maintenance of the CMM shall be in accordance with this specification;

CMM Operating Procedures and Environment 1

Installation requirements for CMMs.

  • The equipment should be installed indoors out of direct sunlight, rain and sunlight.
  • Insensitive to corrosive gases, flammable gases, oil vapours and particulates; free from moisture and dust.
  • Installation should be in a location that facilitates installation, maintenance, inspection and repair (e.g. the machine should be at least 60 cm from the wall).
  • The floor is smooth and free of vibration (no large punch presses or equipment that vibrates heavily during processing in the vicinity of the machine installation).
  • External power supply 220V±10V, 50±1Hz, stable voltage and current, and must be reliably grounded.

The user of the coordinate measuring machine should pay attention to the environment:

Use environment: constant temperature; temperature (20 ± 2) ℃, humidity 55%-75%, temperature gradient 1 ℃ / m, temperature change of 1 ℃ / h.

Working air pressure: 0.45MPa-0.7Mpa, the larger the machine, the greater the required air pressure, specific reference to relevant documents;

air pressure can not be adjusted at will, if there is an abnormality, please contact the manufacturer.

Air consumption: 120L/min-180L/min, the larger the machine, the greater the air consumption, refer to the relevant documents.

This participation is used to select the size of the air compressor.

The above is our compilation of the use of the CMM operating procedures and the use of environmental considerations for you.

Maintenance of CMMs and Grating ruler

In the use of the CMM, many customers are not aware of the maintenance of the core components of the CMM.

They only know how to use the machine in the surveyor.

And if the CMM is not regularly maintained, the measuring machine is prone to inaccurate reading, which will bring certain impact to the measurement.

Experts point out that the users of measuring machines also need to know more about the common sense of the scale because it is the central precision component of the CMM.

It directly affects the measurement results.

The scale plays a huge role in whether the correct data can be measured reasonably, so it’s all the more important to pay some attention to maintenance.

The use of CMM experts suggest that the CMM grating ruler cleaning can use degreased cotton balls dipped in anhydrous alcohol to clean.

In the cleaning can hand held cotton balls from one end of the grating wipe to the other end, and then respectively have alcohol and clean cotton wipe.

It should note that the cotton ball can not be used to revive, and can not be wiped back and forth.

In the process of wiping also can not touch the reading head, avoiding cotton balls stuck to the grating.

Of course, it does not mean that rubbing grating is a good thing on a daily basis, it is best to conduct a quarterly rubbing test, too much is also not good.

Composition of an image measuring device 

A qualified imager operator should understand the composition of an image.

Only by understanding the composition of the image measuring machine can better to the use and maintenance of the image measuring machine.

The following is a brief introduction to the composition of the image measuring machine.

An imaging meter is generally made up of several major components:

  • Mechanical body, ruler system, software system and control system.
  • Mechanical body: the main component of the image measuring instrument, which is composed of guide rails and transmission mechanism, structure form.
  • Scale system: the core component of image measuring instrument measurement, which determines the accuracy of the image measuring instrument.
  • Image measuring instrument’s ruler system is generally composed of a grating ruler.
  • Software system is the heart of the measurement.

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