4 Best Fabricating Problem Solution of CNC Bending Machine

Sheet metal processing

Sheet metal processing has a lot of production process, CNC bending machine technology is one of them, and in which occupy the most important technology. Sheet metal processing in the CNC bending machine process which there will be a variety of problems. Sheet metal processing plant finds a set of the best solution in the years of experience in sheet metal processing technology in order to achieve rapid and efficient production purposes.


A. Problem: workpiece after the CNC bending machine deformed.
B. Cause: The deformation is mainly due to the speed of the CNC bending machine, and the hand did not keep up with the speed of the CNC bending machine.
C. Solution: reduce the speed of CNC bending machine, the hand-held workpiece has the same speed as the operation of the machine.


A. Problem: for the longer workpiece, there will be a big angle and a small one at two ends.
B. This happens, generally in the following cases:
(1). Material thickness is inconsistent, one end thick one end thin.
(2). Mold wear uneven, different height at both ends.
(3). The middle block is not balanced, not at the same level.
C. Solution:
(1) Feedback to the laser or NCT, let it pay attention to the material selection.
(2). Change the punch die
(3). Adjust the middle block.


A. Problem: When bending Z shape by CNC bending machine, some parts will be deformed.
B. Cause: This is mainly due to the workpiece bending up movement, hit the back stopper and was squeezed which lead to the deformation.
C. Solution: Pull-back the back gauge.


A. Problem: CNC bending machine size is small, bad positioning, the mold is easy to press the back gauge.
B. Cause: The bottom die cannot positioning during the distance from the V center line to the edge of the die.
C. Solution:

  • Can install the mold in another way around. Add one gasket (no more than 3t) before the back gauge, so that the back gauge can avoid the upper mold.

If the other end size ≧ 3 can also make the other end stay and install the lower mold in another way around.

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