CNC Intelligent Tapping Machine

CNC intelligent tapping machine is suitable for all machinery manufacturing industries, including machine tools, mold machinery, plastic machinery, printing machinery, packaging machinery, engineering machinery, automobile and motorcycle parts, aero engines, rolling stock, tobacco machinery and general machinery.

CNC Intelligent Tapping Machine


Overload protection, adjust the torque and tap continuously.

The spindle moves freely within a radius of 900/1900mm.

Lightweight, flexible, efficient and has the advantage that other similar devices cannot replace.

The rocker arm type CNC tapping machine avoids the limitation of lathe, drilling machine or manual tapping, saving time, labor, and taps are not easy to break.

The torque is stable and the life is long;

Repeated positioning is fast, cutting speed is fast, and production efficiency is high;

The safe torque clamp ensures less damage to the tap; the through hole and the blind hole tap are not easy to break, and the precision of the thread is high;

The scope of work activities is large, and heavy workpieces do not need to be moved;

Simple operation, light weight, high efficiency, low working intensity, suitable for all kinds of light and heavy work.

Technical specifications

Item No. Capaicity Speed Power Electric Motor Working range Tap holder
12 M3-M12 400RPM 400W 220V Servo Motor 900MM M3-M12
12 M3-M12 400RPM 400W 220V Servo Motor 1900MM M3-M12
16 M6-M16 250RPM 400W 220V Servo Motor 900MM M6-M16
16 M6-M16 250RPM 400W 220V Servo Motor 1900MM M6-M16
24 M6-M24 135RPM 400W 220V Servo Motor 1900mm M6-M24
30 M6-M30 125RPM 750W 220V Servo Motor 1900mm M6-M30
36 M6-M36 100RPM 750W 220V Servo Motor 1900mm M6-M36

Operation & composition

(1) operation

After the power is connected, turn on the power controller, set the tapping speed, press and hold the forward rotation, the servo motor converts the voltage signal into torque and speed output for tapping operation, and hits the bottom and presses the reverse button to withdraw the thread.

The tapping precision is high, and the pass gauge can be used for detection.

(2) Composition

  • Servo motor: drive the control object by converting the voltage signal into torque and speed
  • Controller: power control and torque overload protection
  • Display: control of the speed of the incoming and outgoing thread
  • Tap Torque Protection Chuck: Adjust the torque of the collet. The thread tapping reaches the bottom of the blind hole beyond its torque, and the slip protection will work.
  • Bracket: height can be adjusted up and down, tapping at any position within the operating radius.

Use adjustment

  1. Generally, the torsion force of the torsion collet is set at the factory, but it must be adjusted and set to be used when tapping the tough material or after using it for a period of time.
  2. The torque cylinder housing has 2 small holes, which allow the torque adjustment of the half groove. This is very important to adjust the torque control below M3.
  3. Use a one-word screwdriver to pick up the buckle and use a needle-nosed pliers to insert into the two round holes on the torque adjustment ring. Turn clockwise to increase the torque and counterclockwise to reduce the torque.
  4. After adjusting, insert the buckle into the small hole of the jacket of the collet, and the torque will not change.
  5. The torsion collet is to ensure the high-precision thread, so the torsion collet can not be randomly placed, littered, chaotic, so as not to affect the tapping accuracy.

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