5 Steps to Use CNC Press Brakes

The overall structure of CNC press brakes can be divided into three parts: bracket, working table and clamping plate. When used, set up an electric circuit on the coil by the wire, to generate gravitational force to the pressure plate, thereby achieving clamping between the platen and the base. After understanding the use method will feel the CNC bending machine is very simple.

Press Brake Exploded View

Not much to say, we come to understand the use of CNC bending machine immediately:

1st step, connect the power, open the switch on the control panel, and then start the pump. When you hear the sound of the pump rotation do not have any operation.

2nd step, stroke adjustment. You must pay attention to this during operation. Be sure to test before bending. There must have the gap equal to the thickness of the plate when the punch die down to the bottom. Otherwise, the toolings of press brakes will be damaged. There has quick stoke adjustment by motor.

3rd step, the selection of V slot. Generally, the width of V slot should be 8 times the plate thickness. For example, to choose 32mm V slot when bending 4mm plate.

4th step, back gauge adjustment including motor-driven adjustment and manual fine adjustment.

5th step, start to bend by step down the foot switch. The pedal switch can be released at any time, this is different from the shearing machine. It will stop when releasing the foot and continue to move when step on it.

CNC press brakes can bend the plate directly, no need splicing, grooving, or welding. The outlook of the bending radius is beautiful, without water leaking. It turns hand welding into automated machine operation, which improves the quality, efficiency and reduces the labor costs and production cycle.

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