Advantages and Performance Features of CNC Press Brakes

With the progress of science and technology, press brakes introduced electro-hydraulic servo synchronization technology to complete upgrade. It mainly has following advantages:

CNC Press Brake

  1. CNC bending machine using electro-hydraulic servo system to control the two-cylinder synchronization. With the international standard grating ruler realize the full closed-loop control. It featured high precision synchronization, high bending accuracy, high repeat positioning accuracy.
  2. Equipped with hydraulic automatically clamp or fast clamp for the upper die, and socket lower die based on customer’s requirement to reduce the labor intensity and improve production efficiency.
  3. The back gauge of CNC press brakes can be extended to six axes. The crowning is automatically adjusted by the CNC system, convenient and accurate.
  4. Equipped with Germany Bosch – Rexroth valve block, linear motion guide and ball screw manufactured by BLIS, Taiwan HIWIN or other international companies to ensure that the positioning accuracy of the press brake machine.
  5. With separated upper die with different lengths, can be assembled into a certain width according to the requirements of the workpiece to meet the special needs of the fabrication.
  6. Automatic cylinder crowning system overcome the impact on the workpiece quality caused by slider deformation, ensure the good straightness and bending angle of the final products.

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