Commissioning CNC Press Brakes to Improve the Sheet Metal Bending Efficiency

The commissioning and installation of CNC press brakes is one very important step. At the early state, the commissioning and installation quality will directly affect the use of the machine. If something wrong, will lead to frequent equipment failure and ultimately reduce it service life.

Commissioning CNC press brakes to improve the sheet metal bending efficiency

The commissioning of press brakes needs to check the integrity of the equipment first: whether there are collision and damage in the transport process.

Then fix the four ground bolts. If necessary, to make concrete reinforcement, and then adjust the levelness of CNC press brake.

Next, wipe the fuel tank, and add the hydraulic oil as per requirement.

Access 380V, 50HZ three-phase power.

And then test machine.

Check the rotation of the main motor, check the operation of the CNC bending machine, and test the bending of the plate.

Finally, the operator needs a certain degree of guidance training to ensure that the fabricating work can be completed without guidance.

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