A Brief Introduction of CNC Press Brakes Hydraulic System

The hydraulic control form of CNC press brakes requires a high degree of automation and standardization rate in the manufacturing. Therefore, CNC press brakes must have the high integration rate to integrate the hydraulic system into the machine. The frame of the press brake machine become the basis for the installation of hydraulic parts and integrate the oil tank into the stamping frame.

A brief introduction of CNC press brakes hydraulic system

Three control block style

This style has three control blocks. Two with the middle plate filling valve main control block directly installed in the hydraulic cylinder, to achieve the pipe-free connection between the main control block and the hydraulic cylinder. The back pressure assembly consists of a reversing seat valve and two relief valves, corresponding to the customer’s requirement as a non-leaking type. The main installation here is the proportional relief valve and a maximum pressure shut off valve, as well as monitor the reversal valve at the position of the pilot valve.

Central control block

The central control block is combined three control blocks into a control block. It is mainly used in some bending machine special structure, due to control reasons, the control block and the connection between the two-hydraulic cylinder must be the symmetrical layout. The style uses SFA series of oil filling valve. The valve is in flange structure, directly installed in the hydraulic cylinder, and connected to the tank by a suction pipe.

Sensor and axis interface distributor

The application of central control blocks in press brakes, all the solenoid valves are concentrated in a control block. Similarly, the electrical connections of the valves are also concentrated on a single cable to achieve a common connection. For this purpose, an interface distributor is provided on the central control block.

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