Comparing Pneumatic Conveying System and Pipe Chain Conveyor

Pipe Chain Conveyor

Pipe Chain Conveyor

Pipe chain conveyor is a continuous powder conveying equipment, which has good performance in terms of conveying quality and safety, and its application in the field of powder conveying is becoming more and more widespread.

Its principle is to use the chain plates as the driving component to move the powder materials along the conveying pipeline inside a relatively sealed pipeline.

When the internal friction between the powder materials is much larger than the external friction between the material and the conveying pipeline, the powder materials will gradually move with the driving chain plates and eventually form a relatively stable material flow.

In the vertical transportation process, the powder materials inside the conveying channel will be subjected to the upward pushing force of the driving chain plates.

Because the lower part of the powder materials will bear the downward sliding force of the upper part of the powder materials, a certain lateral pressure will be generated, which will increase the internal friction of the powder materials.

If the internal friction is greater than the weight of the powder materials and external friction, the materials will gradually move upward with the driving chain plates to produce a stable powder conveying flow.

Process Flow Diagram of Pipe Chain Conveyor
  1. Horizontal Pipe Chain Conveyor;
  2. Vertical Pipe Chain Conveyor;
  3. Feeding Hopper;
  4. Bag Filter Dust Collector;
  5. Electric Hoist;
  6. Buffer Hopper;
  7. Rotary Valve;
  8. Reserved extension for the pipe chain conveyor.

Comparison of Advantages Between Two Powder Conveying Systems

Advantages of pneumatic conveying system:

(1) The equipment construction is simple and easy to install, with less control cost and short construction time. The main components of pneumatic conveying system are welded structures made of steel plates and sections of pipes and tanks. The components have no relative movement to each other, and maintenance operations are relatively easy. It is easy to achieve automation operation.

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(2) The conveying efficiency is high, and there is no return transport of equipment. Other transportation tools have the disadvantages of returning empty-handed. The transportation medium of pneumatic conveying system is air, which only needs to be discharged into the air at the terminal. During the conveying process, the feeding port can continuously add materials to achieve continuous conveying.

(3) Labor and health conditions are good. When the material is conveyed by air, it runs in the pipeline and the pressure inside the pipe is negative. The dust will not fly out, the material will not scatter or pollute the environment.

(4) The conveying pipeline of the pneumatic conveying system is easy to set up a pipe network according to local conditions, with simple and flexible layout. It can fully utilize the workshop area and is easy to adapt to the workshop environment.

Advantages of pipe chain conveyor system:

(1) The system is fully enclosed, with good sealing effect.

As the pipe chain conveyor system is a cylindrical structure assembled in sections, it is easy to seal and has excellent sealing performance, which can achieve complete sealing effect.

(2) The structure is compact, and the conveying efficiency is high.

Due to the special structure of the internal conveying part, the material settling is minimal during the conveying process, so the conveying efficiency is relatively high.

(3) The system has flexible layout and easy installation.

As the structure of the pipe chain conveyor is tubular, it can be designed according to the needs of the user on an existing or original factory site, and can fully meet various occasions of use.

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(4) The maintenance rate is low, and the installation is convenient.

Due to the simple, reliable and durable internal structure of the pipe chain conveyor system, and the use of special process treatment in the internal structure parts, the maintenance rate is extremely low, greatly improving the service life.

Schematic diagram of pipe chain conveyor layout.

Applications of Two Powder Conveying Systems

(1) Positive-pressure pneumatic conveying equipment was previously widely used in the ash conveying system of power plants. Its characteristics such as closed conveying and easy layout, as well as the national environmental protection requirements in recent years, have gradually promoted its application in the chemical industry. There have been many application examples in polyolefin powder conveying and other aspects.

(2) In recent years, pipe chain conveyors have been relatively maturely applied in industries such as PTA, and are currently widely used in the conveying of small and flowable powdery materials.

The pipe chain conveyor system has internal mechanisms such as chains, conveying discs, and corner chain wheels.

Many research results have emerged for conveying discs, chains, tensioning devices, etc. in recent years, which have solved some of the problems in manufacturing and use of pipe chain conveyor systems, and are conducive to the promotion and use of pipe chain conveyor systems.

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