Composition of Arc Welding Robot Workstation


Composition of Arc Welding Robot Workstation

Arc welding robot workstation components:

  1. Welding robot unit

The general arc welding robot is composed of teaching box, control panel, robot body, automatic wire feeding device, welding power source etc.

Continuous trajectory control and point control can be realized under the control of a computer.

It is also possible to weld a space weld consisting of straight line and arc using linear interpolation and circular interpolation.

Arc welding robots mainly have two types of melting electrode welding operations and non-melting electrode welding operations.

It has the characteristics of long-term welding work, high productivity, high quality and high stability for welding.

With the development of technology, arc welding robots are developing in the direction of intelligence.

  1. Power unit
  2. Welding gun unit
  3. External shaft unit or welding table
  • Servo walking slide
  • Servo positioner
  • Fixed workbench
  • Pneumatic positioner
  • Rotary table
  1. Fixture unit
  • Fully automatic electric control fixture
  • Manual valve pneumatic clamp
  • Manual fixture
  1. Installation of structural units
  • Robot base
  • Overall convenient mobile large floor
  1. Electrical control unit
  • PLC electrical control
  • Operation console
  • Start button box
  1. Safety protection unit
  2. Automatic clearing gun station
  3. Safe work room

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