Copper Types & Models of Copper Core Cable

Generally, the majority of wires and cables use copper cores, but what type of copper is typically used? What are the specifications and models of copper core cables? Let’s take a look.

What Kind of Copper is Used in Copper Core Cables?

Case Study:

Rated Voltage 8.7/15kV Flame-retardant Copper Core Cross-linked Polyethylene Insulated Steel Tape Armored PVC Sheathed Power Cable.

“Rated Voltage 8.7/15kV” – Usage scenario/Voltage level.

“Flame-retardant” – Highlighted feature.

“Copper Core” – Conductor material.

“Cross-linked Polyethylene Insulation” – Insulation material.

“PVC Sheath” – Inner and outer sheath material (same material for both, inner sheath material is omitted).

Specifications and Models of Copper Core Cables

Copper core cable specifications and models include:

  • VV, YJV single-core 1-1000mm
  • VV, YJV two-core 1-185mm
  • VV, YJV three-core 31.5-3400mm
  • VV22, YJV22 three-core 31.5–3400mm
  • VV, YJV three-core plus one-core 32.5+11.5mm²-3400mm²+1185mm
  • VV22, YJV22 three-core plus one-core 32.5+11.5mm²-3400mm²+1185mm
  • VV, YJV three-core plus two-core 36+24mm²-3400mm²+2185mm
  • VV22, YJV22 three-core plus two-core 36+24mm²-3400mm²+2185mm
  • VV, YJV four-core 41.5mm²-4400mm
  • VV22, YJV22 four-core 41.5mm²-4400mm

The above has been a comprehensive introduction to the type of copper used in copper core cables and the specifications and models of copper core cables. We hope this can be helpful to you!

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