Determinants of Press Brake Toolings Accuracy and Angle

Whether the press brake toollings production standards lies in the accuracy and angle? Imagine that if the press brake toolings accuracy and angle cannot be guaranteed, then, it is likely to lead to the entire production into the non-standard road.

Press Brake Toolings

(A) Factors that affect the accuracy:

  • wear of the bending machine mold;
  • eccentric of press brake upper mold and lower mold
  • the back stopper is not set in the specified position, or the surface been blocked by the burr;
  • the workpiece itself;
  • processing steps.

(B) Factors that affect the accuracy of the angle:

  • bending machine mold deformation, wear;
  • mold shape;
  • work surface flatness;
  • the degree of parallelism from horizontal support plane close to the upper mold to the work surface;
  • the verticality of the slider stroke to the work surface;
  • bending position;
  • cutting method.

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