Aluminum vs Aluminum Alloy Plate: The Differences Explained

Fig. 1 Aluminum plate

Fig. 1 Aluminum plate

Aluminum plate is pure aluminum plate, which belongs to 1 series.

For example, 1060 belongs to 1 series.

Alloy aluminum plate can be roughly divided into 7 series, which are 2-8 series.

For example, 2A21 belongs to series 2, 3003 belongs to series 3, 5052 belongs to series 5, and so on.

1. 1000 series

The 1000 series is pure aluminum plate, such as 1060.

The main component of this kind of aluminum plate is aluminum, which accounts for more than 99%.

2. 2000 series

The 2000 series is aluminum plate with copper as the main alloying element.

The content of copper can reach 2% – 5% or higher according to the specific application.

Compared with other brands, the hardness of 2000 series aluminum alloy plate is also called aviation aluminum.

Due to the civil aspect is not too extensive, so the production of 2000 series alloy aluminum plate factory is less.

Similarly, the price of 2000 series aluminum plate is relatively high.

At present, 5052 series has replaced 2000 series in civil use.

3. 3000 series

The 3000 series aluminum plate is mainly made of manganese.

The content of manganese is between 2-5%.

The representative varieties of 3000 series include 3003 aluminum plate and 3a21 aluminum plate.

The main reason is that 3000 series aluminum plate has a certain antirust performance, which is widely used in air conditioning, refrigerator and other humid environment.

There is a great advantage in this price than other alloy plates.

4. 4000 series

The 4000 series aluminum plate is mainly made of manganese.

At present, it is not widely used.

5. 5000 series

The 5000 series is the representative series of alloy aluminum plate.

There are 5052, 5083 and other grades.

It is the most commonly used aluminum alloy plate in China and the world.

6. 6000 series

The 6000 series is the combination of 4000 and 5000, the main alloy elements include silicon and magnesium.

The representative grade is 6061-T6 aluminum plate.

It belongs to the solid heat melting treatment aluminum plate.

7. 7000 series

The 7000 series is aluminum plate that uses 7075 as the main representative grade.

The performance is similar with 2000 series Mainly in the hardness.

But it is not commonly used at present.

8. 8000 series

The 8000 series is mainly represented by 8011, which is used as the main function of the bottle cap.

But it is not commonly used at present.

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