Differential Planetary Gear Shaft

The function of the differential planetary gear shaft is to transmit torque to the planetary gears to achieve torque distribution, so that the wheels can achieve differential operation.

Differential Planetary Gear Shaft


It is available in both integral and split styles.

In order to ensure good lubrication between the planetary gear and the planetary gear shaft, a flat surface is milled on the journal for lubrication.

Quality requirements

1) When the material is low carbon alloy structural steel, it should be carburized and quenched.

The depth of the carburized layer is 0.8-1.4 mm, and the hardness of the journal surface is 58-64 HRC.

2) When the material is medium carbon or medium carbon alloy structural steel, induction hardening should be used.

The surface hardness of the journal surface is not less than 57HRC.

The depth of the hardened layer is 1.2-2.5 mm (shaft diameter d ≤ 20 mm), 1.7-4.0 mm ( journal diameter d > 20 mm).

The radius of the journal root should be hardened.

3) Appearance quality

Parts of the parts shall be free of defects such as nicks, black spots, cracks, etc., and the scales of the burrs, flash and non-machined surfaces shall be removed;

4) Surface roughness

The surface roughness of the journal should be no more than 0.5μm;

The surface roughness of the journal of the journal root is not more than 3.2 μm;

5) Geometric tolerance requirements

a) For integral differential planetary gear shafts, when referring to the common axis, the shape and position tolerances of the relevant parts are specified as follows:

The full runout tolerance of the journals at both ends is not less than 9;

The perpendicularity tolerance level of the two common axes is not less than 8 levels;

The two common axes should be in the same plane and their positional tolerance should be no more than 0.10mm.

b) For the split differential planetary gear shaft, the straightness tolerance of the journal busbar is not less than 8 levels.

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