Distinguishing Different Weld Joint Types with Welding Robots

Welding robots can be categorized as arc welding robots, spot welding robots, and laser robots, depending on the workpieces and usage.

The weld seams produced in the routine welding processes of small and medium-sized enterprises can be classified into five types.

Let’s delve into these technical terms to enhance our understanding, hoping this knowledge proves useful.

Welding robot manufacturers, in accordance with the industry regulations of the national standard GB/T 3375-94, categorize welding robots into five types based on the welding combination form: butt welding, corner welding, plug welding, end welding, and groove welding.

1. Butt welding by welding robots:

This refers to the welding taking place on the groove surface of the welded parts, or between the groove surface of one part and the surface of another part.

2. Corner welding seam by welding robots:

This is the seam created during the welding process along the intersection line of two straight or nearly straight parts.

3. End welding (terminal welding seam) by welding robots:

This is the seam formed by end joints.

4. Plug welding by welding robots:

This is the seam formed by welding two plates in a circular hole. If one corner seam is stacked into two parts, only the corner seam is welded in this hole, and it should not be referred to as plug welding.

5. Groove welding by welding robots:

This involves two overlapping plates, one of which has a long slot. The welding of the two plates takes place within the long slot, and the corner seam is not referred to as a groove seam.

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▸ Based on the spatial position of the weld seam during the robotic welding process, it can be categorized into four types: flat welding, vertical welding, horizontal welding, and overhead welding.

▸ Discontinuous weld seams can be classified into two types: continuous welding and intermittent welding.

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