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Comparison between grating ruler and magnetic grating ruler of press brake

1. Introduction to grating ruler #

Grating ruler is a sensor made by using the principle of light interference and diffraction.

Grating ruler is often used in the closed-loop servo system of NC machine tools. It can be used to detect linear displacement or angular displacement.

The measured output signal is digital pulse, which has the characteristics of large detection range, high detection accuracy and fast response speed.

2. Introduction to magnetic grating ruler #

Magnetic grating ruler is a sensor made by using the principle of magnetic pole.

The base ruler is a uniformly magnetized steel strip.

The S and N poles are evenly arranged on the steel strip, and the changes of S and N poles are counted by reading the reading head.

3. Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of the grating ruler and magnetic grating ruler #

(1) The precision of the grating ruler is relatively high (± 0.005mm), but it is greatly affected by temperature (generally below 40 ° C), and has high requirements for the surrounding environment and relatively short service life.

(2) The accuracy of the magnetic grating ruler is relatively low (± 0.01mm), but it has better water resistance, oil stain resistance, dust resistance and vibration resistance, stronger adaptability to the environment and relatively long service life.

To sum up, the magnetic grating ruler is relatively more suitable for areas with a high temperature most of the year.

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