Hydraulic Press Brake For Sale

We have been producing press brakes for more than 20 years and have rich experience. At the same time, we have established deep relationships with various global technology and parts partners to ensure the stable operation of the press brakes we sell.

Press Brake

NC Press Brake

If you have limit budget, the NC press brake will be a good choice for you to finish sheet metal bending.

Press Brake

CNC Press Brake

CNC press brake has much higher accuracy, efficiency than NC press brake when bending metal plate.

Robotic Press Brake

Robotic Press Brake

Robotic press brake It can efficiently and accurately complete the automatic bending of sheet metal.

How many press brake controllers are there? How to choose?

Types of controllers #

There are many CNC press brake controllers, such as DA66t, DA58t, E530, E52s, etc., with different functions.

You can understand them as the computers we use, Win7, Win8, MAC, etc. the detailed functions are different;

Generally, targeted selection should be made according to the conditions of the workpiece to be processed, such as simulated bending, 3D simulation, control accuracy and complexity,

Now generally uses E21 system for the press brake and E21s system for the shearing machine.

The CNC system includes DAC310 and DAC360 for the hydraulic shears. The CNC system of the CNC press brake machine includes DA41, DA52, DA53T, DA56, DA66t, DA69t etc. The above systems are more mainstream and widely used in the market. The brand is DELEM from the Netherlands.

With the development of the press brake in recent years, various systems have appeared on the market.

Such as Cybelec Series in Germany, Delem Series in the Netherlands, ESA Series in Italy, MD series in Hong Kong, SNC Series in Nanjing, etc.

How to choose controllers? #

So how to choose the controllers of press brake and shears from above various types?

It is is truly difficult for many customers.

In fact, it is much easier to follow the following standard.

1. The system must be simple to operate.

The purpose of using CNC press brake is to bring convenience to us and create more value for us.

If the system design is complex and the operation is cumbersome, then no matter how excellent the system is, it may not be suitable for us.

Just imagine that the system operation of our employees is a problem. Can it still give full play to the efficiency and accuracy of the system?

Therefore, an excellent CNC system must be simple to operate, easy to learn and easy to choose.

2. The system must be stable.

It is obvious that the system must be stable.

As we all know, we don’t want to have problems with the machine just a few days after it was bought, which will affect our mood and delay production.

So how do we know that the system is stable?

1. We need to look at its years of existence in the market, reputation and ownership, and whether the product is mature or not.

If a product has not been tested and affirmed by the market, the system will not be mature, and there will be such small problems.

This phenomenon is just like the appearance of emulational mobile phone and iphone.

2. We need to evaluate the system manufacturer.

The system produced by senior automation manufacturers will be more stable.

In fact, the essence of NC machine tool is mechanical automation. Most college students can develop it, but few can be successfully applied. Why?

In fact, the ideal environment is far from the actual environment. Without a core technical team, it is impossible to develop a satisfactory system.

3. Check whether the manufacturer’s after-sales service is timely.

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