Hydraulic Press Brake For Sale

We have been producing press brakes for more than 20 years and have rich experience. At the same time, we have established deep relationships with various global technology and parts partners to ensure the stable operation of the press brakes we sell.

Press Brake

NC Press Brake

If you have limit budget, the NC press brake will be a good choice for you to finish sheet metal bending.

Press Brake

CNC Press Brake

CNC press brake has much higher accuracy, efficiency than NC press brake when bending metal plate.

Robotic Press Brake

Robotic Press Brake

Robotic press brake It can efficiently and accurately complete the automatic bending of sheet metal.

How to adjust the size of the press brake?

Adjusting the bending size is actually adjusting the distance of the stop fingers of press brake.

Rough adjustment and fine adjustment are carried out through the button on the right lower part of the press brake machine.

Adjust the bending angle, i.e. adjust the depth of the bending, such as V-opening, through the runner on the right side of the angle, and the cutting depth S ≤ 100.

Usage of press brake machine:

1. Firstly, the bending force and the opening size of the lower die V-groove should be determined, which can be calculated according to the plate thickness and folded plate length.

2. Align the center of the upper and lower molds and adjust the gap.

3. Determine the front and rear stop positions and process flow, and switch according to the adjustment switch.

4. Place the workpiece in the middle of the hydraulic press brake machine table for pressure measurement.

5. Adjust the die clearance again, and adjust the upper die adjusting block if necessary.

6. At the same time, ensure that all seals are completely sealed, and replace them in time in case of leakage.

7. The backgauge adjustment generally includes electric quick adjustment and manual fine adjustment, and the method is the same as that of plate shears.

8. Press the foot switch to start bending. When the foot is released, it will stop working.

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