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How to bend an arc with a press brake?

Bend the arc on the press brake machine. If there is no arc blade, you can use the die with small V mouth of the upper die.

First draw a line and fold it according to the scribed line, so that you can fold out an arc.

When there is no mold, it is still possible, just a little more complicated.

First calculate the arc length, chord length, arc height and center angle of the workpiece, and then divide and scribe according to these data. At the same time, control the stroke and pressure, so that the arc can be folded from both ends of the arc to the arc height, so as to process the arc.

Here are the specific steps:

1. As shown in the red circle in the figure, put the place where you want to bend the arc under the press brake machine.

bend an arc with a press brake

2. Press the switch and the press brake start to move downward.

bend an arc with a press brake

3. As shown in the red circle in the figure, after the press brake machine presses the iron sheet, the hand only needs to be lifted slightly so that an excessive angle will not be formed.

bend an arc with a press brake

4. At this time, lift the press brake machine, send the iron sheet forward, repeat the above three steps, and repeat three times or more according to the size of the arc you want.

bend an arc with a press brake

5. Here, we repeat three times to bend a semicircle arc.

bend an arc with a press brake

6. As shown in the figure, a circular arc can be folded in this way, and the visible effect is good.

bend an arc with a press brake

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