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How to set bending radius and bending deduction in SolidWorks?

The bending radius of each material thickness is different, but the default radius of the system is 1mm, which should be set each time. Bend deduction should also be entered by yourself every time.

So how to calculate the data of each sheet metal?

You can refer to the bending allowance table for this.

To tell you the truth, these things need experience and understanding of sheet metal processing technology.

According to the bending coefficient table, it is not necessarily accurate.

Inexperienced people can’t be counted at all.

Only those who know the mold well and how to deal with various bends with the mold can calculate the unfolding size accurately.

The software simulates the bending under the ideal state of constant thickness, but in the actual processing, any bending will become thinner.

The default radius of material thickness maybe 1 or 0.5, depending on your previous setting, and this number is meaningless.

When designing sheet metal parts, this value should be set one by one according to experience (or check the bending coefficient table). The system will automatically default your last set value.

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