Hydraulic Press Brake For Sale

We have been producing press brakes for more than 20 years and have rich experience. At the same time, we have established deep relationships with various global technology and parts partners to ensure the stable operation of the press brakes we sell.

Press Brake

NC Press Brake

If you have limit budget, the NC press brake will be a good choice for you to finish sheet metal bending.

Press Brake

CNC Press Brake

CNC press brake has much higher accuracy, efficiency than NC press brake when bending metal plate.

Robotic Press Brake

Robotic Press Brake

Robotic press brake It can efficiently and accurately complete the automatic bending of sheet metal.

Hydraulic oil of CNC press brake

The viscosity of hydraulic oil used in this CNC press brake is 4 ° E~ 5 ° E (EN viscosity) at 50 ℃ or 45 ~ 68 centistoke (kinematic viscosity) at 40 ℃.

It is recommended to select N68 anti-wear hydraulic oil in summer and N46 anti-wear hydraulic oil in winter.

The cleanliness of the hydraulic system must be ensured. Most faults of the hydraulic system are caused by unclean oil.

Before oil filling, the oil tank shall be cleaned and there shall be no impurities in the oil tank.

After the oil tank is cleaned, fill the oil tank with fine filtered (10um) hydraulic oil. See “technical parameters of machine tool” for the oil tank capacity of the machine.

Note: the newly purchased hydraulic oil is not clean hydraulic oil!

After the oil tank is filled with oil for the first time and works for 500 hours, the oil tank must be cleaned and replaced with new fine filtered hydraulic oil.

In the future, the oil tank shall be cleaned and replaced every 2000 hours.

It is recommended not to operate the press brake machine at low temperature (below – 5 ℃). If it needs to be used, the press brake machine must run under no-load for a period of time. If necessary, an oil heater can be installed in the circuit.

Under normal working environment, the oil temperature should not exceed 70 ℃. Under special environment, an oil cooler can be installed according to actual needs (the oil tank has an interface).

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