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Lifting and installation of the guillotine shear

After unpacking, the user shall receive the machine according to the packing list, and pay attention to ensure that:
a. The machine tool was not damaged during handling.
b. Machine parts are not missing.
c. The machine and parts are intact.

Lifting of guillotine shear #

For the lifting of the machine, appropriate lifting equipment and steel wire rope must be selected according to the weight of the machine, otherwise unexpected safety accidents will occur.

There is a lifting bolt on the upper part of the shearing machine. When lifting, the lifting wire rope must be padded with soft objects to prevent damage to the paint (see the figure below).

Lifting of guillotine shear

1) The center of gravity of the machine is high, so pay atention to prevent dumping.
2) The machine shall not be lifted by oil tank, tool holder, oil cylinder, etc., but must be lifted by lifting bolt.
3) In the process of transporting the machine to the use position, appropriate lifting equipment with lifting load must be used.
4) If there is no suitable lifting equipment, the lifting chain can be used. At the same time, pay attention to the proper specification and use method of the load of the chain.
5) Do not use lifting ropes for lifting.

Installation of guillotine shear #

The installation accuracy of the guillotine shear will directly affect the service performance of the machine, so the installation of the machine must be carried out by professionals (or the manufacturer sends personnel to the site).

The machine must be installed on a stable and hard foundation, and the ground of the working area must be covered with a thick concrete layer as shown in the foundation drawing and leveled (the maximum flatness is 2mm/m).

15 days before installation, the user can dig the foundation, pour the machine base, reserve four anchor bolt installation holes, and pay attention to placing the four sizing blocks in the specified position.

After the standby bed is seated, install the anchor screws, and finally conduct secondary grouting.

After all the cement is solidified, adjust the machine level through the supporting screws and backing plates, and then adjust the level of the worktable.

When adjusting the level of the worktable, remove the platen with steel ball in the middle of the worktable, place the level horizontally on the two convex machining surfaces of the worktable, and adjust the transverse level of the machine with the left and right support screws at the front side of the machine;

Then place the level vertically and adjust the longitudinal level of the machine with the left and right support screws at the back of the machine.

The horizontal and longitudinal levels shall be controlled within 1000 ∶ 0.2mm.

1) The machine shall be accessible from all sides, leaving enough rear distance for various maintenance operations and adjustments.
2) When the machine is suspended and ready to be put into the installation point, please put in the anchor bolt. The horizontal adjustment screw should be oiled and screwed to the bottom, which will facilitate installation and only need to be adjusted downward.
3) Due to the different degree of foundation looseness, the level of the machine should be rechecked after 30-50 hours of use.
4) After the horizontal adjustment of the machine, before using the machine, please re-calibrate the blade clearance uniformity according to the method described.

guillotine shear foundation diagram

Technical requirement
1. Steel plate 100 × 60 ×δ 20, 4 pieces in total, provided by the demander and embedded in the foundation. The plane of the steel plate is slightly higher than the ground, as shown in the figure above.
2. After the foundation is completely solidified, the machine can be installed, and then the anchor bolts can be installed for secondary grouting;
3. After the secondary grouting is completely solidified, adjust the level of the machine and carry out various commissioning.

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