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Start from year 1982, leading hydraulic press brake manufacturing for 40 years.

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Lubrication of CNC press brake

Necessary lubrication is an important means to ensure the normal use of the CNC press brake.

The operator must be familiar with all parts of the machine to be lubricated (see the figure below) and lubricate regularly.

The main lubrication points of the machine tool are:

  • Guide rail of synchronous feedback system
  • Ram left and right guide rails
  • Rear stopper (X-axis) ball screw, guide rail and bearing

See the lubrication diagram for the location of lubrication points and lubrication time cycle.

Lubrication diagram of CNC press brake

Lubricate weekly with clean grease or oil. The exposed vulnerable parts shall be provided with lubrication points, which shall be lubricated twice a week.

Note: it is recommended to lubricate the guide rail, screw rod and bearing regularly.

Lithium grease or #30 machine oil is recommended.

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