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Lubrication of the guillotine shear

Good lubrication is an important condition to ensure the normal operation and prolong the service life of the machine. Users must lubricate according to the instructions.

During lubrication, use an oil gun to inject calcium base grease into each lubrication position. Each lubrication position must be inspected, maintained and cleaned frequently.

The main lubrication position, time and lubricant of the machine are as follows (see the figure below):

lubrication position, time and lubricant of the guillotine shear

No. Lubrication point Refueling interval Type of lubricating oil
1 Upper and lower ends of left and right cylinders One month Calcium base grease
2 Left and right linear guide rail pairs of rear stop One week Calcium base grease
3 Rear stop left and right ball screw pairs One week Calcium base grease
4 Joint bearing with six rolling fulcrum One day Calcium base grease

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