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Guillotine Shear

Guillotine Shear

It's the 2nd generation hydraulic shearing machine and the most popular type.

Hydraulic Shear Machine

Swing Beam Shear

This is the most economical hydraulic shearing machine for cutting metal plate.

Shearing Blade

Shearing Blade

Blade material: 55SiCr, 9CrSi, 6CrW2Si, H13, Cr12MoV

Purpose and characteristics of the guillotine shear

Purpose of the machine #

The machine is suitable for the shearing thickness of 1 ~ 8mm (tensile strength of the material to be sheared ≤ 450MPa) and width of ≤3050mm steel plate.

When the strength of the sheared material is high, the thickness of the sheared material shall be reduced accordingly, and the blade of better material shall also be selected.

The machine is widely used in machinery manufacturing, automobile, shipbuilding, container manufacturing, metal structure, boiler container, household appliances and light industry.

Characteristics of the machine #

1) It adopts European style machine modeling, which is novel, unique and beautiful.
2) Dac360, a special CNC system for plate shearing machine of Delem company in the Netherlands, is adopted, which is easy to operate, easy to learn. The CNC system can automatically control the rear stop, shear angle, blade clearance, shear stroke and processing quantity, improve production efficiency.
3) The rear retaining material driven by precision linear guide rail and ball screw has high speed and large working stroke, which widens the processing range of the machine and improves the production efficiency.
4) Bosch-Rexroth integrated hydraulic valve stack is adopted, with reliable performance; The cylinder synchronization system makes the machine stress uniform.
5) The three-point supporting roller guide rail is adopted to make the tool holder move without clearance between the rollers, the blade clearance is stable and reliable, and the machining quality of the workpiece is improved.
6) The auxiliary positioning rear support with standard configuration can prevent the plate from sagging and improve the machining accuracy of thin plate and large-size plate.

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