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Safety and maintenance of the guillotine shear

For safe operation, machines using mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and electronic devices are high-risk machine tools. Except those listed in this manual, other maintenance must be carried out by professional maintenance personnel.

Maintenance of the guillotine shear #

Daily maintenance

  • Keep the equipment clean and intact without corrosion.
  • Check whether the tool is sharp and free of wear, and lightly oil the tool for maintenance.
  • Check that the NC device is normal without alarm.
  • Check that all switch buttons are normal and free from jamming.

Weekly maintenance

  • Check whether the hydraulic oil level is within the normal range.
  • Check the rear stop ball screw, lubricate it with grease once, and wipe off dust and oil stain.
  • Check the rear retaining support bearing and add lubricating grease.
  • Check the slide guide rail and fill it with grease
  • Check the water level in the filter pressure reducing valve and remove it in time.
  • Check the easily worn parts and roller bearings without lubrication points, and add oil for lubrication.

Monthly maintenance

  • Check and clean the air filter and replace it if necessary.
  • Check the conductor and cable sheath for damage and insulation.
  • Check whether the signs and warning nameplates on the equipment are clear and exist.
  • Check whether the anti pinch device of the machine is intact without looseness.

Quarterly maintenance

  • Check whether the boom adjustment of the ram is loose.
  • Check whether the positioning position error of the rear stop exceeds + – 0.1mm.
  • Check whether the air valve of the air circuit system acts flexibly.
  • Check all valve bodies, oil pipes and joints of the hydraulic system for leakage and blockage.
  • Check whether the electrical components inside and outside the electrical cabinet are worn, loose or have poor contact.

Half-year maintenance

  • Check and clean the inlet filter of the oil pump and replace it if necessary.
  • Check the filter pressure reducing valve and oil mist of the air circuit system for cracks and air leakage.

Yearly maintenance

  • Clean the oil tank, oil pump inlet filter and add new hydraulic oil. (replace every 2000h or one year for the first time and every 4000h or two years thereafter)

Tips for maintenance #

1. The machine must be in the charge of a specially assigned person. The operator must read the manual and CNC system operation manual before operating the machine.

2. When more than one person operates the machine, one person must be designated to start the machine. Only when it is confirmed that there are no unsafe factors can the foot switch or button be pressed to avoid accidents.

3. When placing the sheet metal on the workbench and positioning with the rear retaining material, the fingers shall not be placed between the sheet metal and the workbench. Before the rear stopper reaches the positioning point, the sheet metal shall not be pushed for positioning to avoid injury.

4. When the machine is working, no tools or sundries shall be placed between the worktable and the knife edge, and there shall be no defects such as welding scar on the workpiece surface to avoid damaging the blade.

5. The shearing must be carried out in strict accordance with the thickness, material and width of the shearable plate, which can be calculated automatically by the NC system. Overload is not allowed to avoid damaging the machine.

6. Electrical insulation and grounding must be safe and reliable.

7. Maintenance of hydraulic system:
1) Regularly check the oil level of the oil tank. If it is insufficient, add filtered clean hydraulic oil. The machine uses Yb (or YC) – N32 (or N46) hydraulic oil. The oil used for the first time must be cleaned and replaced with new oil after 2000 working hours, and then replaced every 2 years or 4000 working hours; The hydraulic oil will gradually age and deteriorate during use, and it must be replaced in time to a certain extent. Only in this way can we ensure the lubrication of all moving parts in the hydraulic system, reduce friction and wear, and ensure that the system can work normally for a long time
2) One month after the commissioning of the machine, the oil filter shall be cleaned for the first time (cleaned and dried with gasoline or trichloroethylene), and then cleaned regularly every two months; In case of blockage (the signal indicator light is on) or oil pump screaming (the oil pump is empty), clean the oil filter immediately; If the oil filter is found to be broken, replace it immediately.
3) The air filter installed on the oil tank cover plate shall be cleaned regularly with gasoline or trichloroethylene. After two months of machine tool commissioning, it shall be cleaned for the first time, and then cleaned regularly every four months.
4) If the valve block leaks, replace the sealing ring in time.

8. Keep the machine clean and lubricated on time to prolong the service life of the machine. During use, regularly check whether the fasteners of all mechanical parts are loose. If any abnormality is found, stop the machine immediately for inspection, and continue to use after troubleshooting;

9. Check whether the clearance of the knife edge is too large or too small regularly. If there is any change, adjust it in time.

10. Regularly check the sharpness of the blade edge. If the blade edge becomes blunt, it shall be sharpened in time.

11. Conduct regular maintenance, and maintain the accuracy requirements specified in the certificate after maintenance.

12. The safety warnings listed in this manual are set according to the foreseeable situation and are regarded as the minimum requirements. Users are welcome to inform the manufacturer of the actual and potential hazards.

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