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The pressure at both ends of the hydraulic press brake is not the same. How to adjust it?

1. First, turn on the power supply, turn on the key switch on the control panel, and then press the oil pump to start, so as to hear the rotation sound of the oil pump( (the machine does not operate at this time)

2. Stroke adjustment

The use of the press brake must pay attention to adjusting the stroke, and must be tested before bending.

When the upper die of the press brake goes down to the bottom, there must be a plate thickness gap, otherwise it will damage the die and the machine.

The stroke adjustment also has electric quick adjustment and manual fine adjustment.

3. Bottom die V opening selection

Generally, a notch 8 times the width of the plate thickness shall be selected.

If bending 4mm sheet metal, select about 32mm notches.

4. The rear retaining adjustment generally includes electric quick adjustment and manual fine adjustment.

5. Press the foot switch to start bending.

The press brake is different from the plate shearing machine. It can be released at any time. When the foot is released, the press brake will stop and continue to go down.

If the pressure on both sides is different, it can be adjusted by adjusting the up and down stroke screw on one side.

Remove the upper transmission shaft and adjust the stroke of the other oil cylinder based on one end

Adjust the height, and adjust the pressure, then connect the moving shaft.

If it always changes, it is necessary to dismantle and check the oil cylinder and check whether a nut in it is loose.

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