Hydraulic Press Brake For Sale

We have been producing press brakes for more than 20 years and have rich experience. At the same time, we have established deep relationships with various global technology and parts partners to ensure the stable operation of the press brakes we sell.

Press Brake

NC Press Brake

If you have limit budget, the NC press brake will be a good choice for you to finish sheet metal bending.

Press Brake

CNC Press Brake

CNC press brake has much higher accuracy, efficiency than NC press brake when bending metal plate.

Robotic Press Brake

Robotic Press Brake

Robotic press brake It can efficiently and accurately complete the automatic bending of sheet metal.

The two cylinders of the press brake are not synchronized

Check the sliding slide for wear and adjust its tightness so that both sides are consistent.

Check whether the oil pipes of the two oil cylinders are connected in parallel, tighten the beneficial flow valve, pressurize and exhaust the air from the oil cylinder.

Generally, a one-way throttle valve is installed on the oil inlet (or return) of the two cylinders of the machine.

If the original work is synchronized but not synchronized now, try adjusting one of the throttle valves, which can generally meet the approximate synchronization of the two cylinders.

If the synchronization cannot be adjusted, there may be faults in two parts.

One possibility is that the throttle valve can not be adjusted to the oil flow you need, so you need to replace a single throttle valve;

Another possibility is that your speed is too slow, and the piston seal in the cylinder needs to be replaced.

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