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What determines the sheet metal bend radius?

The radius of sheet metal bending is determined by sheet metal thickness, sheet metal material, radius of upper bending die, lower bending die, bending pressure, working temperature and other factors.

The bending pressure is involved in the change of bending radius, which is only determined by the sheet metal thickness and the notch width of the lower bending die.

Almost all factors affect the bending radius. The influencing factors of the bending radius can only be stabilized by limiting the relevant factors according to the demand.

It is found in the actual work that the thicker the material, the larger the bending radius.

We know that the thicker the plate, the greater the bending pressure and the larger the notch of the bending lower die.

The material also has an influence on the bending radius, but has little influence on the actual use.

You can customize the bending factor table of different materials.

The thicker the sheet metal is, the greater the material’s ability to resist bending deformation.

At this time, the pressure needs to be adjusted.

The bending pressure cannot rise indefinitely and needs to be adjusted to the appropriate pressure.

The bending pressure is directly proportional to the thickness of the sheet metal and inversely proportional to the notch width of the bending lower die.

In actual bending, the sheet metal thickness is set, and the notch width of the lower die is selected according to the sheet metal thickness.

Therefore, the bending pressure is a constant determined by other factors, so the bending radius does not need to consider the pressure factor.

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