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What is the difference between three cylinder press brake and two cylinder press brake?

The difference is that there is an auxiliary cylinder in the middle of the ram, which is good for the bending length.

The double cylinder press brake is at both ends. If the length is long, the angles of both ends will be the same, and the middle will sink a little.

Three cylinder press brake features on the basis of the original two cylinders, an additional auxiliary cylinder is added in the middle of the ram, which can better reduce the deformation of the ram due to long-term use, and effectively improve the accuracy of processing workpieces. It is a new generation of updated equipment after the double cylinder press brake machine.

Especially in the large-scale press brake machine processing products, its superior performance is better reflected.

1. The steel on both sides of the two cylinder press brake machine is used for adjustment, but the ram cannot be guaranteed not to deform for a long time. The steel in the middle of the three cylinder press brake machine is an auxiliary cylinder to prevent the deformation of the ram, and the accuracy is also improved a lot.

2. It is better to use three cylinders for machines with a height of 4 meters or above. The three cylinders are mainly stressed in the middle, and the pressing angle is better. After a long time, the two ends of the double cylinder will have the same angle, and the middle angle is too large. However, the disadvantage of the three cylinder press brake is inconvenient maintenance.

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