Double Axis Guide Rail

Double Axis Guide Rail

The double-axis guide is a high-speed guide developed in Germany.

The slider and the roller are integrally formed.

The biaxial core is divided into an inner clamp type double axis and an outer clamp type double axis.

The outer clamp type is that the slider is outside the guide rail, and the inner clamp type is the slider inside the guide rail.

Detailed introduction

Double-axis guide: made of metal or other materials.

A device that can withstand, secure, or guide a moving device or device and reduce its friction.

Longitudinal grooves or ridges on the surface of the rail for guiding, securing machine parts, special equipment, instruments, etc.

Guide rails, also known as slide rails, linear guides, linear slide rails, are used for linear reciprocating applications and have a higher rated load than linear bearings.

At the same time, it can bear a certain torque and achieve high-precision linear motion under high load.


The application of guide rails in our daily life is also very common, such as the sliding door, the train’s rails, etc. are the specific application of the guide rail.

There is also a guide rail that can be used on any machine or equipment that requires sliding, such as for elevator rails, and sometimes for curtains.

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