Emag 1Founded in 1867 in Germany, the founder of inverted lathe, the world’s leading manufacturer of CNC inverted machine tools, is a high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of series CNC machines.

Emag’s expansion strategy has brought huge growth.
There are few cutting technologies that Emag cannot achieve.

At present, Emag has more than 200 patents, and new patents increase every year.

EMAG will all these technological advances and advance are realized on the machine tool to help users improve quality and production efficiency. Because of this, EMAG group and its subsidiaries can provide users with a series of standard machine tools and tailor-made production systems, and constantly create new growth points.

EMAG (China) Machinery Co., Ltd., the new manufacturing plant of Jintan construction company, marks an important step for us to provide excellent machine tools to Asian customers as well. The team of China and Germany produce machine tools with high standard, high productivity and high quality. In Jintan, we have built a large machine tool factory in the world.

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