Epson (China) Co., Ltd. was established in 1998 and headquartered in Beijing. It is responsible for Epson’s investment and business development in China.

At present, Epson has invested more than US $822 million (about RMB 5 billion) in China, with 14 manufacturing, sales and service organizations and more than 16000 employees.

Epson’s business in China mainly includes printer, scanner, projector and other information related products business, electronic components business and industrial robot business.

Its products with excellent quality and energy saving and environmental protection features, won the love of Chinese consumers.

Based on the Chinese market, Epson has always been in line with the concept of “challenge and innovation”, constantly introducing a series of advanced technologies and application solutions to China, so that Chinese consumers can synchronize with the world and enjoy the perfect experience brought by innovative technology. Epson continues to contribute to China’s environmental protection and education, and is proud to be an excellent Chinese corporate citizen.

Epson strives to create a new era of connecting people, things and information. Epson’s main product lines cover inkjet printers, digital printing systems, 3lcd projectors, as well as intelligent glasses, sensing systems and industrial robots. Epson is committed to continuous innovation in printing, visual communication, wearable devices, robots and other fields, exceeding customer expectations.

Seiko Epson company in Japan is the core enterprise of Epson group.

Epson group has 90 companies and more than 67000 employees worldwide. Epson is proud of its continuous efforts to reduce its impact on the environment and contribute to the development of its region.

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