Feeding and Unloading Manipulator

The loading and unloading manipulator mainly realizes the complete automation of the machine tool manufacturing process, and adopts the integrated processing technology, which is suitable for loading and unloading of the production line, workpiece turning, workpiece reordering etc.

Feeding and Unloading Manipulator

In China’s mechanical processing, many of them are currently used to carry out machine loading and unloading by special plane or manual.

This is very suitable when the product is relatively single and the production capacity is not high.

However, with the progress and development of society, the advancement of science and technology, the upgrading of products has accelerated, and the use of special planes or manual machine loading and unloading has exposed many shortcomings and weaknesses.

On the one hand, the special plane covers a large structure and is inconvenient to maintain, which is not conducive to the production of automated assembly lines.

On the other hand, its flexibility is not enough to adapt to the ever-increasing changes, which is not conducive to the adjustment of product structure.

Secondly, the use of labor will increase the labor intensity, cause work-related accidents, and the efficiency is also low, and the stability of product quality using manual feeding and unloading is insufficient to meet the needs of mass production.

The mechanical characteristics

The loading and unloading robots are modular in design and can be combined in various forms to form multiple online production lines.

The components are: column, beam (X axis), vertical beam (Z axis), control system, loading and unloading bin system, claw hand system etc.

Each module is mechanically independent of each other, and can be combined in any range within a certain range, and can realize automatic production of equipment such as lathe, machining center, gear shaping machine, EDM machine, grinding machine etc.

The installation and commissioning of the loading and unloading robot can be carried out separately from the machining machine, and the machine part can be a standard machine.

The robot part is a completely independent body, and the machine tool that has already been purchased can be automatically modified and upgraded even at the customer site.

In other words, when the robot fails, it is only necessary to adjust or repair the robot without affecting the normal operation of the machine.

The control system

The robot control system is the brain of the entire automation line, which controls each part of the organization, that is, it can work independently or coordinate and cooperate to complete the production smoothly.

Robot control system features:

① Program the robot’s running track;

② Independent operation of each part of the organization;

③ Provide necessary operational guidance and diagnostic information;

④ Can coordinate the working process between the robot and the machine tool;

⑤ The control system has rich I/O port resources and can be expanded;

⑥ Multiple control modes, such as: automatic, manual, stop, emergency stop, fault diagnosis.

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