Gantry Boring and Milling Machine Explained

Brief Introduction

The gantry boring and milling machine is a mechanical processing equipment integrating advanced technologies such as machine, electricity and hydraulic.

Gantry Boring And Milling Machine

It is suitable for semi-finishing and finishing of aviation, heavy machinery, locomotive, shipbuilding, power generation, machine tools, automobiles, printing, molds, etc., and can also be used for roughing.

The overall structure of the gantry milling machine consists of a gantry.

The gantry frame consists of a double frame, a movable beam, a connecting beam, a transverse slide and a milling head ram. The beam moves up and down along the column guide (W axis). A vertical high-power multi-function ram type boring and milling head is arranged on the beam. The boring and milling head slide moves left and right along the beam guide (Y axis) and its up and down movement (Z axis). The gantry frame moves longitudinally along the bed (X-axis).

Installation location

The gantry boring and milling machine should be placed away from the vibration source to avoid direct sunlight, moisture and airflow.

Preventing malfunction of electronic components inside the machine from malfunctioning or affecting machining accuracy;

The power supply connected to the gantry milling machine should be a relatively stable voltage.

The voltage fluctuation must be within the allowable range and remain relatively stable, otherwise the motor of the gantry milling machine will be damaged, resulting in processing failure and other failures.

The ambient temperature of the gantry milling machine is less than 30 degrees, and the relative temperature is less than 80%.

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Moreover, there is an exhaust fan in the power box to keep the temperature of various electronic components constant.

Excessive temperature gradients and humidity can result in reduced life of control system components.

An increase in humidity can cause dust on the board to collect and bond, which may cause a short circuit.


The gantry boring milling machine has machining functions such as boring, drilling, milling and grooving.

Equipped with high-precision rotary table, right-angle milling head and other functional accessories, it can realize five-sided machining.

It is an ideal equipment for the processing of large parts such as steam turbines, generators and heavy machinery in the metallurgical, energy and electric power industries.

Mainly applicable

  1. Parts with complex shape and high processing precision, which can not be processed by general machine tools or difficult to guarantee the quality of processing;
  2. In the process of processing, multi-process processing must be carried out. For example, milling, boring, or tapping must be completed in one setup;
  3. Shell or box parts which are difficult to measure, difficult to control feed, difficult to control cavity size

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