Gear Lubrication Failure Types

Mechanical equipment failures come in many forms, such as bearing wear, box cracks, screw cuts, coupling damage, surface corrosion, etc.

Gear lubrication failure types

The most common lubrication faults are summarized in the following forms:

  1. Inoperable, power loss is large

During the working process of mechanical equipment, the transmission parts often get stuck, intermittent operation and uneven operation.

In this case, the device cannot transfer the load and transmit the motion normally, and the energy loss is particularly large.

  1. Large vibration, high noise and serious environmental pollution

After the mechanical equipment is started, sometimes there will be a large chattering phenomenon.

In this case, the environment is seriously polluted, which makes the production site lose its sense of security and affects production.

  1. The temperature is too high, the thermal deformation is large, causing damage

After the parts of the reducer work for a period of time, the oil temperature in the tank rises sharply, sometimes it will smoke, and the oil leakage is serious.

In this case, because the temperature inside the box is too high, some parts will melt and cause failure, and some parts have large thermal deformation.

Accuracy will drop, abnormal damage will occur, and the strength of the material will be reduced, causing damage.

  1. The main parts such as the gear pair, if the oil film between the toothed surfaces is broken, the tooth surface fails.

Various parts of the reducer parts may be damaged during the working process.

However, the parts with the highest probability of being scrapped due to damage are the key parts of the gears, turbines, bearings and other gears.

Under the harsh working conditions, they can not form a good oil film between the toothed surfaces or formed and quickly destroyed.

Therefore, the gear pair, the turbine pair, and the bearing surface will be in the form of surface failure such as pitting, gluing, plastic deformation, severe wear, impact fracture welding, etc., so that the mechanical equipment cannot work normally.

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