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User Guide

Welcome to the MachineMFG platform. In order to help you use our services efficiently, we provide the following user guide. Whether this is your first visit or you want to gain a deeper understanding of our features, you can find the necessary guidance here.

How to browse the website:

Visit our homepage, where you can find quick access to the latest requirements, industry news, and community discussions.
Use the top navigation bar to access other pages such as the requirement submission page, about us, and user guide.

Submit procurement requirements:

On the requirement submission page, fill in your specific requirements, including product type, quantity, specifications, etc.
If you have specific design files or drawings, please add them through the upload function.
After filling out the form, click ‘Submit Request’, and our team will review and process your request.

Participate in community discussions:

Visit our forum/community page to browse various industry-related discussions and posts.
After registering and logging in, you can create new posts or reply to existing ones, and interact with other users.
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