Guideway Grinder

Guideway Grinder


The guideway grinder utilizes Taiwan’s advanced machine tool structure manufacturing technology and is equipped with a series of high-precision and high-efficiency machine tools that are produced through strict quality inspection methods.

The machine tool boasts reliable performance, a sturdy structure, simple operation, and convenient maintenance. It can be used to grind the plane, bevel, and bottom surface of a workpiece, among other applications.

This machine is suitable for grinding and finishing all kinds of beds, templates, and flat plates.


The machine tool features a closed frame structure with ample rigidity, ensuring stability during operation.

To prevent the worktable from creeping and to ensure the durability of the guide rail, the guide rail surface of the worktable is attached to a special machine guide rail plate.

The machine tool employs a servo motor and a ball screw to drive the horizontal and vertical feed of the grinding head, ensuring high feed precision and easy operation.

The work platform feed hydraulic system uses a mechanical valve to reverse the direction, and the commutation distance of the machine tool remains constant.

A humanized operation control panel is used to improve the ease of operation of the machine tool.

The guide grinding machine features digital display devices for both the lateral direction and the vertical Z coordinate movement of the grinding head, making it convenient for operation and measurement and ensuring the machining accuracy of the machine.

Technical Parameters

  • Workbench size 1600Х5250 MM
  • Workbench surface 1600Х4600 MM
  • Gantry width: 2250 MM
  • The maximum processing height: 1250MM
  • Workpiece load: 4 tons per / meter
  • The total weight of the machine: 68 tons

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