Helical Bevel Gear

The helical bevel gear refers to the tooth line on the crown wheel of the production shape, and is a straight bevel gear that does not pass through the top of the cone.

Helical Bevel Gear

There are orthogonal helical bevel gears and spiral bevel gears.

Straight bevel gear pair has relatively few teeth in the transmission at the same time, which is easy to produce impact, and the transmission is not stable and the noise is large.

The large and small gears of the helical bevel gear pair have equal and opposite spiral angles.

The coincidence is significantly greater than the straight bevel gear pair.

Therefore, the noise and vibration are significantly reduced at high speed operation, and the number of teeth of the helical gear of the helical bevel gear pair can be relatively reduced, thereby obtaining a larger gear ratio and a compact structure;

When the helical gear teeth are engaged, the gear meshing line is changed, the load is gradually added, and then gradually removed, so the transmission is relatively stable, and the impact, vibration and noise are small, which is suitable for high speed and heavy load transmission.

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