Established in 1938, Hermle is one of the most renowned machine tool manufacturers in Germany. Their five-axis vertical machining center holds a leading position not only in Germany but also in the world.

The company’s factory is situated in Stuttgart, Germany and has more than 1000 employees globally. They have an annual production capacity of over 700 five-axis machines, and more than 30,000 Hermle production and processing centers are currently being utilized worldwide. Hermle’s dependable quality and exceptional after-sales service make them a reliable partner for customers.

The Hermle five-axis linkage machining center is a critical component in various industries, including automobile, racing, energy technology, mold, aerospace, medical engineering, and cutting tool technology. With its exceptional dynamic performance, reliable machine stability, original spindle anti-collision function, gantry frame marble bed, and effective anti-thermal deformation design, the Hermle machining center provides high precision, high efficiency, and high reliability, while also being easy to handle.

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